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Nirmal Das Mr. Nirmal Das Maheshwari, M.Sc., the eldest son of the late Sant Das Ji Maheshwari, personal Assistant to Babuji Maharaj, left his mortal coil at 06.10 A.M. on the 30th August, 1997 which coincided with his 66th birthday. On the morning of the day of his departure, he, as usual, washed his face, brushed his teeth and took Charnamrit and Prashad followed by half a cup of tea. Then he complained of dizziness and his body shook for a short while (say ten t fifteen seconds) and he was no more. At the time of his departure, his face was refulgent and serene, and remained so till cremation although his body had been kept on ice for nearly 27 hours. The radiance on his face was clearly noticed not only by Satsangis but also by non-Satsangis who atteneded his funeral.

Nirmal Das Nirmal Das Ji had been looking after the work of publication of the Holy books of his Father after His departure to His Original Abode in April, '83 and had also been attending to the queries of the seekers of Truth, both in India and abroad.

Once, when Nirmal Das Ji was still a child, Babuji Maharaj blessed him saying, "Do all your work attentively. I will help you in all your works, worldly as well as Parmarthi (spiritual)."

Nirmal Das with Sant Das It appears that the mission of Nirmal Das Ji's life was to write the "Elaborate Elucidations of Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry". In Hindi, it consists of four volumes, three of which have been published. The manuscript of the fourth volume is ready and in publication.

Nirmal Das with Babuji Maharaj Nirmal Das ji also elucidated in Hindi the selected Shabds and couplets from the four parts of Huzur Maharaj's "Prem Bani Radhasoami". This elucidation comprises of two volumes, the manuscript of which is also ready. Besides, he prepared a brochure to be published on the occasion of Huzur Maharaj's departure centenary which was celebrated in 1998.

Nirmal Das No sooner than he finished this work he started detatching himself from all work and family affairs. During his illness, he was always eager to meet Satsangis and to talk with them. He told his brothers, "Henceforth, you should yourselves go through the proofs of "the Elucidation" without any reference to me, considering that I do not exist". Nirmal Das in his office Earlier, in June '97, before undertaking a hectic tour of Bombay, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi, he got his name plate removed from his office. It was Nirmal Das Ji's wish that all the volumes of "the Elucidation" and the brochure be out by 1999 when 50 years of the departure of Babuji Maharaj are competed.

Nirmal Das red turbin

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