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  1. The followers of the Radhasoami Faith do not recognize an impersonal Supreme Being, but hold, as their supreme doctrine and unalterable tenet of Faith, that the Supreme Being RADHASOAMI assumes the form of and incarnates Himself as a human being, who becomes the Supreme Being in human form, and is called the Sant Sat Guru (Perfect Saint or True Guide and Preceptor).
  2. The object of the Radhasoami Faith is to attain true and perfect salvation by the liberation of the spirit from the bondage of mind and matter, and from the misery of recurrent births and deaths, which can only be achieved by following the practices prescribed by this Faith.
  3. It is only when there is true Guru, true Nam, true Sang and true Love that salvation is possible.
    1. True Guru - means Sant Sat Guru or Sadh Guru and if they are not available then any of His special devotees, who may be engaged in the performance of Abhyas(spiritual practices). One should get initiated in the Faith by any of these personalities. One should develop faith in the Supreme Being Radhasoami Dayal and begin practising Abhyas. One should nourish longing and yearning for meeting the Sant Sat Guru. He is omniscient and merciful, and, in His grace, He does accord His darshan to a true devotee.
    2. True Nam - It connotes Dhwanyatmak Nam or Shabd, which is resounding within everybody. The current of Nam or Shabd is the current of Surat or life, which imparts vitality to the entire body and its every part. Jiva (sentient entity) has descended along this current and has taken location in Pind Desh. At the time of death, the sentient entity recedes along this very current, and the body dies. He who performs the Abhyas of Shabd, will, by the grace of Radhasoami Dayal, pass through all the intervening stages or regions, and ultimately reach Nij Desh (Original Home), from where Shabd emanated in the beginning of the entire creation. There is, in fact, no difference between Shabd and its current or sound. But, as the current descended from the original or Source, it went on assuming covers or wrappers, i.e., admixture went on taking place. It may be observed that here in this world too, all functioning and existence are due to Shabd (sound). All activities are being carried on by Surat and Shabd. One speaks i.e., gives order, the other acts according to it. Shabd or sound is the manifestation of life. Absence of sound indicates death. There is no better Guru or guide than Shabd. If a wayfarer happens to lose his path in a jungle during night, then, hearing a sound from a distance, he can, without the assistance of anybody, reach the habitation or place from where the sound is coming.
    3. Satsang - Association with and service of Sant Sat Guru, listening to His discourses attentively, and gazing at Him with love and yearning, constitute external Satsang. To ruminate upon the words or discourses of Sant Sat Guru, and, in accordance with His initiation, to listen internally to the Dhun of Shabd with mind and Surat, to perform Dhyan (contemplation) of His form and Sumiran (repetition) of the True Name mentally, constitute internal Satsang. Satsang, internal as well as external, is necessary for attaining salvation. External Satsang is necessary for the removal of doubts and delusions, and for gaining spiritual bliss and engendering love and affection. Internal Satsang has to be continued till the Jiva (Surat) is in the body.
    4. True Love One should have sincere longing and yearning for darshan of the Supreme Being, and real fear of pain and suffering of recurrent births and deaths in the world. There is no harm if the longing and fear are feeble. By the Satsang and the grace of Sant Sat Guru or Sadh Guru, and also by internal spiritual practices, these will go on increasing day by day, and love will be engendered.
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