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Sant Das O Radhasoami ! Hear the Aarti (prayer) of Sant Das. I am Thy extremely humble and unconditional slave.

Thou art Lord Anami. May I live in Thy Saran for lives together. Thou art Omniscient. Now shower grace and make me Thine own.

Thou art Conferrer of the Highest Region. I am a worthless slave. Knowledge and understanding I have none. I kneel at Thy Feet.

No one can describe Thy position and status. Thou dwellest in the inaccessible region. It is by Thy favour and kindness that I have received some clue about Thee and Thy august abode.

Sant Das The Anhad Dun, ringing within, has freed my mind from all desires. I have given up the sense of worldly honour and shame. I have taken the Saran of Sat Guru.

My Surat has ascended to Trikuti and attained Nirvan Pad. Now listen to the secrets and mysteries of the regions beyond. It is a wonderful story.

On the bank of Mansarovar reservoir, reside Hansas absorbed in the melodious tunes of Kingri and Sarangi (fiddle and violin).

This is the real Brahm Pad -- Laksha and Vach, both forms are merged here. Above this, is Par Brahm, residing in the ancient region of Maha-sunn.

Sant Das All Sants have spoken of -- Bhanwargupha and -- Sat Lok. There are two more stages beyond them which were not revealed by previous Sants.

Above them is the unfathomed and unfathomable Supreme Father, having neither -- Rup (Form) nor Name (name). No one can know of the secrets and mysteries of this eternal stage without the help of a Sant.

With the platter of patience in my hands, I now perform Thy Aarti, I stand before Thee with my eyes fixed on Thine. All my trammels are now gone.

As the flame of yearning begins to blaze, Kal is driven away. RADHASOAMI has showered His grace. He has enriched me with unattainable bliss.

Sant Das at the age of 14 Sant Das Ji did not open his eyes for a pretty long time after birth. When informed of this, his father observed that he was a Surat of a very high status and, all through the way, must be having Darshan of the refulgent form of the Lord, but having descended to this world, was not seeing that refulgence. The father directed the mother to keep a lighted lamp near the child. When the lamp was placed nearby, Sant Das Ji opened his eyes after a while.

The life sketch of his father Tulsi Ram Ji is written in chapter 32 of the book Bhakmal (Devotes) of the Radhasoami Faith.. Born in a Satsangi family, brought up in a temple, and educated in Jain and Christian institutions, as he was, it was but natural for Sant Das Ji to develop religious bent of mind from the very childhood.

Sant Das Ji was initiated in Radhasoami Faith at the age of twelve in 1922 at Soami Bagh, Agra, by Babuji Maharaj.

Sant Das leading the funeral procession for Babuji Maharaj After Babuji Maharaj had repaired to His Original Abode, those holding office persuaded Sant Das Ji very much to work in Satsang office, but he abhorred the very idea of working under a human being.

He devoted the whole of his life in publishing books, proof-reading of Satsang books, and replying to the queries of Satsangis and ardent seekers. With the beginning of Correspondence with Certain Americans in the year 1958, the work of writing letters went on increasing day by day.

Sant Das was a strict disciplinarian. He used to go into the depth and subtlety of everything. Whosoever had the good fortune of working with him even for a short period of a few months, became expertly trained in temporal matters as well. He was a hard task master too.

Sant Das with Babuji Maharaj Maharaj Saheb and Babuji Maharaj had prayed to Huzur Maharaj to write some book in English on Radhasoami Faith. Huzur Maharaj observed that as both of them were M.A.'s in English Literature, they should themselves write. Maharaj Saheb dictated one book in English known as "Discourses on Radhasoami Faith" but left its last chapter on "Karams(actions)" incomplete due to His failing health and eventual departure to His Original Abode. Babuji Maharaj did not write any books. Sant Das Maheshwari M.Sc. alias Sant Das Ji, Personal Assistant to Babuji Maharaj , wrote mainly in English. He translated into English the entire literature of the Radhasoami Faith, including Soamiji Maharaj's Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry. Sant Das also brought out many original books and also completed the chapter left incomplete by Maharaj Saheb, thus fulfilling the mission which Huzur Maharaj had assigned to Maharaj Saheb and Babuji Maharaj. Sant Das published 6 volumes of Discourses by Babuji Maharaj, usually reproduced from memory and approved by Babuji Maharaj himself.

Sant Das Sant Das's original writings include the esoteric meaning of the great Indian epic Ramayan. This was published in 1952 in Hindi. An English translation by Sant Das was finalized and published in 1996 by Sant Das's devoted sons. Sant Das also wrote his Book of Reminiscences, Correspondences with certain Americans" and his Truth Unvarnished series, Bhaktmal of the Radhasoami Faith and Sants, Sadhs and Mahatmas brief biographical sketches of true Spiritual Adepts in history.

While translating into english the Elucidation of Japji as given out by Soamiji Maharaj, Sant Das revealed the names of the heavenly spheres which Soamiji Maharaj had not then disclosed in his Mauj (Will). All told Sant Das wrote 101 large and small works of translation and original content vastly extending the accessibility of the Radhasoami Faith to people throughout the world.

Sant Das Ji left his mortal coil peacefully and departed to his Original Abode at 2:40 on the morning of the 24th April 1983 at his residence in Saomi Bagh, Agra, India. For over 30 years Satsangis wondered where they would find the successor of Babuji Maharaj and all the while he was not even at a stones throw from the main entrance to Soami Bagh!

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