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Soamiji Maharaj At first my head I bow and place in RADHASOAMI'S Darbar, Who, under His Mercy and Grace, is effecting Jivas' Uddhar.

All-powerful is my Merciful Guru, he liberates Jivas sinning all through. He takes up to Sat Pur sinners so great, to receive whom, even Hell is afraid. I am fallen, mean and merit-all-nil, but in His Saran He took me still. To the Lord so gracious and benign, myriads and myriads of obeisance mine.

The Supreme Being, Param Purush Puran Dhani RADHASOAMI, incarnated Himself as Soami Ji Maharaj, at Panni Gali, in the city of Agra. He was born on the night of the eighth day of the dark half of Bhadon, at half past twelve, in the year 1875 of Vikram Calendar (corresponding to night between 24-25 August, 1818 A.D.) in a Khattry Seth family. In His unbounded grace and mercy, He gave out His secrets, and promulgated the Radhasoami Faith. His name was Shiv Dayal Singh.

Soamji's Ancestral Home Soamiji Maharaj's infancy passed in a normal way. After, however, attaining the age of five, He began to devote Himself to studies and to Parmarth (religion practices) of the highest order. His mother used to give Him bath early in the morning and prepare Him for devotion. And soon He would engage in His devotional practices. Side by side, His studies were also going on. he was so quick that it looked as if He was simply revising the previous lesson.

Soamiji Maharaj acquired mastery in the branch of learning to which He applied Himself. Besides Hindi and Gurumukhi, He studied and mastered the Persian Language, much in vogue those days. He also wrote a book in that language. The sublimity of the subject matter and thoughts and ornate style were such that the book could be understood by accomplished scholars alone. He also know Sanskrit and Arabic.

Soamiji Maharaj Soamiji Maharaj devoted great attention to imparting religious instructions and explaining spiritual matters. In fact, the very purpose for which He had incarnated Himself was to redeem, by His words, the souls that had strayed in this world. His elucidations of the principles of true religion were so nice that people, on hearing them, were left spell-bound. His words were so firmly implanted in their hearts that they came to have full faith in Him. It was said that He was endowed with magical powers; whoever went to Him, was converted to His views.

Often boys of various communities Khattri, Brahman and Bania, came to Soamiji Maharaj for learning Persion, which He taught gratis. Those who studied at His Feet, derived great benefit. people often went to Him with requests. Soamiji Maharaj would not be at ease till He had done what they wanted. He treated the poor and needy with great love and affection, and projected His grace in the fulfilment of their objects, so that they would return happy and satisfied.

Soamiji Maharaj's father, Lala Dilwali Singh, was originally a follower of Guru Nanak. He used to read with great love and fervour Nanak Saheb's Banis (compositions) and recited Japji, Sodar, Rohras, and Sukhmani daily. This had been the practice in the family since the times of Soamiji Maharaj's grandfather. There is still in existence, in his handwriting, the book Sukhmaniji in Persian.

Soamiji Maharaj Later on, Soamiji Maharaj's father came in contact with Tulsi Saheb of Hathras, who was a perfect Sant, Occasionally, Tulsi Saheb visited Agra also. Because of His Satsang, faith in Sant Mat took deeper roots in Soamiji Maharaj's father. He served and associated with Sadhs throughout his life.

Soamiji Maharaj's mother, paternal aunt, maternal grand-mother and others had also attended the Satsang of Tulsi Saheb for a considerable period. They were all convinced of the sublimity of the Sant Mat (Religion of Sants), and the efficacy of the Surat Shabd Yoga. But some of them were not fully acquainted with the secrets. Soamiji Maharaj graciously explained to them the secrets and details of the stages on the way. In the evening Satsang, He would deliver discourses which fully satisfied them, and strengthened their faith and conviction. His paternal grand-mother, maternal grand-mother and father's sister would never treat Him as a relation, but as a Guru. For Tulsi Saheb had once warned Soamiji Maharaj's mother not to look upon Soamiji Maharaj as her son, adding that a Param Sant had incarnated Himself in her family. Since then, Soamiji Maharaj's grand-mother and others treated Him with great reverence, respect, love and affection.

Param Purush Puran Dhani Soamiji Maharaj was Param Sant. Among Sants and Faqirs, the status and position of a Param Sant ranks the highest. It is, therefore very essential to explain here the word 'Sant', by which, people in general, mean an ascetic. A Sant is He whose Surat (spirit), having passed through Pind and the three divisions of brahmand, has reached Sat Lok which is also known as Dayal Desh and which is beyond the limits of Kal. Beyond Sat Lok, leaving two stages in between, is Anami, i.e., Radhasoami Pad. It is the final and the highest stage. Reckoning from Sat Lok above, it is third, and from Sahas-dal-kanwal, it is eighth. This is the real Abode and the Throne of Soamiji Maharaj. Radhaji Maharaj

Soamiji Maharaj was married into the family of Lala Izzat Rai of Faridabad, near Delhi. His consort came to be known by the appellation Radhaji Maharaj. Soamiji Maharaj used to explain Parmarthi matters of the highest order to Radhaji. She heard His discourses in Satsang as well. After learning Hindi, She Herself used to read and recite holy books. The discourses produced so deep an impression upon Radhaji Maharaj that She had Her entire jewelery, worth thousands of rupees, spent by Soamiji Maharaj.

Anecdotes of Grace and Mercy

Once Soamiji Maharaj had ordered Huzur Maharaj to scatter bananas at the doors and in the courtyards of houses in the neighboring lanes at night. During that period, Soamiji Maharaj, while in the posture of Bhajan was heard uttering : "The Jivas do not come. They do not come. O, they do not come.".

Most munificent Soamiji Maharaj, in His unbounded grace showered immense spiritual benefit on the Fakir Saheb, the Muslim venerable old man whom Munshi Vishveshwar Dayal often used to visit and converse with. Soamiji Maharaj had given an assurance to the Fakir Saheb that he shall surely be redeemed. He will again get human form in the next birth and then he will be able to perform the practices of Sant Mat. The earnings he has made through the practices of the Kal Mat in the guise of Maya will be exhausted, the reason being that there is no scope for salvation in that.

Munshi Vishveshwar Dayal was invited to a religious function by his relatives. There he saw that some birds had been trapped in a large earthen pot with holes for air in it. These birds were to be sacrificed at the sacred fire. Munchi Vishveshwar Dayal, unable to tolerate the impending killing of the birds, got up and hit the earthen pot with a stick just before the sacrifice was to be made. All the birds flew away singing joyously. The priest who was conducting the ritual got very much annoyed at Muncshi Vishveshwar Dayal and cursed him that he would not survive due to the wrath of the goddess, with the result that as soon as he reached home he was seized with high fever which turned into a sever type of typhoid. His legs lost all strength and he was totally confined to bed. Soamiji Maharaj asked his relatives to bring him in a palanquin to Him. Soamiji Maharaj, in His unbounded mercy, placed His hand over his head and gave him Prashad, observing that he was possessed by goddess Bhawani who was sucking his blood and taking revenge. Now she has run away by the grace of Radhasoami Dayal. Soamiji Maharaj further observed, "Gods and goddesses inhabit very low planes. They derive nourishment out of the nefarious activities associated with the planes they belong to. When somebody intereres with their nourishment they punish him severely, so much so, that if the protecting hand of the powerful Being is not over him this punishment may even prove fatal. This time you have been saved by the grace and mercy of Radhasoami Dayal.". Soamiji Maharaj also explained to him that "this creation belongs to the Supreme Being and you should not interfere in it."

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