Soamiji Maharaj Huzur Maharaj Maharaj Saheb Babuji Maharaj Radhasoami Faith Sant Das Nirmal Das  
Soami Bagh
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If you are a Satsangi of the Radhasoami Faith Soami Bagh you may make arrangement with the Secretary of the Satsang to stay in Soami Bagh during your visit. Two meals and accomidations are approximately $2 USD per day.

Write to Secretary Radhasoami Faith
Soami Bagh, Agra 282005

In your letter include the following:
Who you are and your address
When initiated
How many people
When arriving
How long you expect to stay.
If you are not a Satsangi you may visit during the day.
You may attend Satsangs which occur daily at:
6:15 A.M. Samadh
8:30 A.M. Babuji's Koti
4:30 P.M. Babuji's Koti
8:30 P.M. Bhajan Ghar.

General Information
  • Shops near Soami Bagh include Banks, ATM Machines that work internationally, internet access, clothing, pots, room heaters, snack food, fresh fruit and vegetable stands.
  • There is no "hot water from the tap"
  • The "HOT" season is May, June, July and may be too hot for comfort
  • The "COLD" season is December, January and is never below freezing
  • Depending upon exchange rates between local currencies and Indian it may be less expensive to buy items in India and distribute them when leaving rather than transporting.

General Suggestions
  • It will be good if you carry an electric kettle with you or plan to buy one after arriving. Many Indian grocery stores abroad offer 110/220 voltage kettles and a compatible 3 pin / 2 pin power cord which will be appropriate for use in India.
  • You could bring some instant beverages, cereals, creamer.
  • Adapter plugs for 110/220.
  • Electric power is usually available morning and evening but not usually 24 hours.
In Winter (December, January)
  • Bring sufficient woolen clothing including a woolen cap, muffler and a shawl. Blankets will be available in the room you will stay.
  • Plan to buy a hot water heating element and metal bucket for baths
  • Plan to bring or buy a small room heating element
  • Water from the sacred well at the Samadh of Soamiji is safe to drink. But for using tap water it is best to boil the water for drinking or use water purification tablets.
  • Anti-microbials like citris seed extract, tea tree oil and hand sanitizers are also good ideas to have.
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